Research and Reports


Click here for presentation from Áine Hyland, Emeritus Professor of Education and former Vice-President of UCC presented to ASTI Education Conference on April, 20th, 2018l

Teachers' Work: Work Demands and Work Intensity, March 2018


Survey of Recently Qualified Teachers - April, 2017 (ASTI and REDC)

Teacher Welfare: Rights and Responsibilities - What you need to know



Impact of austerity measures on teachers’ work and student well-being services

A 2016 survey which has found that a moratorium on school middle-management posts are undermining student pastoral care structures and mental health supports.


Capacity of schools to implement the Framework for Junior Cycle
A 2015 survey carried out by Millward Brown on behalf of the ASTI to obtain a picture of second-level schools' capacity for curriculum and policy reforms and the implementation changes.


Impact of education cuts and increased demands on the capacity of schools
A 2014 survey carried out by Millward Brown on behalf of the ASTI to understand how education cuts and increased demands on schools are impacting on teachers and on the capacity of schools to implement the Framework for Junior Cycle.


Why Education Matters - The importance of education to Ireland’s economy and society
We asked a range of influential figures in education, social policy, industry and the arts to offer their analysis of the important questions for Irish second-level education today. National and international figures reflect on how education policy can impact on wider concerns such as economic growth, equality, innovation, and health.

Impact of cutbacks on second-level schools 2013
ASTI survey of principals on the impact of cutbacks on second-level schools.

Teachers Voice
A report of ASTI Consultation with Teachers on the Junior Cycle Reform Document 'A Framework for Junior Cycle'.


Survey of principals - impact of austerity
In April 2012, the ASTI published results of a survey of principals which examined the impact austerity has had on second-level schools and on young people's education. The research found that education cutbacks have forced schools to drop subjects, amalgamate classes and lose teachers. 


Survey of newly qualified teachers
In April 2011, the ASTI published results of a survey of PGDE students due to graduate in 2011. The research found that despite a strong commitment to the teaching profession, the majority of teaching graduates are pessimistic about their career and are angry about the inferior conditions imposed upon them.


Junior Cycle Science Survey
In April 2010 the ASTI published the results of research assessing Junior Certificate science in Irish schools. The research looked at how cutbacks in education funding are affecting the provsion of science subjects in schools and sought feedback on science teaching facilities and barriers to teaching and learning of science.

What Price Education - one year on
In March 2010 the ASTI undertook follow up research into the impact of budget cutbacks on second-level schools. This study updated case study research published the previous year to find out how budget measures were impacting on schools one year on.  

Shifting the Burden
An ICTU publication detailing 'Why the Government wants to load the cost of the collapse onto the less well off and why their plan will just make things worse'.


What Price Education?
In March 2009, the ASTI undertook research into the impact of Budget '09 on second-level schools in Ireland. The research revealed that cutbacks made in the budget would have significant detrimental effects on staffing levels, availability of subjects and programmes, school finances and the school community.

Joint Publications

A 20:20 Vision for Education
The ASTI is a member of the Post-Primary Education Forum (PPEF), an umbrella group comprising representation from parents, trade unions, school leaders and management bodies involved in the post-primary education sector in Ireland. In 2013, the PPEF published a document outlining its vision for the future of education in Ireland.

Future teachers' pensions
The three teacher unions commissioned a report into future teacher provision. The report, compiled by Trident Consulting, exposes the devastating effect on teachers' pensions of the proposed new single scheme for the public service. 

Teachers Supporting Diversity
The ASTI joined with GLEN, the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network in publishing a resource to assist teachers in supporting the diversity of students, with a particular focus on students who are lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Introducing your Second-Level School
This booklet is a joint venture between the ASTI and the National Parents Council (Post Primary). We hope it will encourage parents to continue to participate in and contribute to our education system to the benefit of the current and next generation of second-level students.

The Union Post

Read all the latest trade union news and opinion in the Union Post, published by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU).

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