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  • Frequently Asked Questions from Non-Permanent Teachers
    I am about to complete my second year-long fixed-term contract with the same employer. I have been covering for a teacher who was initially on maternity leave and who is now on career break. I have now completed two full... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Pension and Retirement
    FAQs on the Pensions Scheme for Teachers in Secondary, Community and Comprehensive Schools 1. Who is eligible for pension benefits under this Scheme? The following people are eligible to join the Secondary, Community and Comprehensive School Teachers Pension Scheme– (a) A... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on CIDs
    I have had a number of fixed-term contracts – am I entitled to a CID That depends. To qualify for a CID you must meet all of the following criteria: 1. Be currently registered with the Teaching Council. 2. Be appropriately qualified... Read more
  • FAQs on the Re-opening of Schools
    Updated April 14th, 2021 The ASTI continues to monitor Covid-19 issues in schools. We will provide information on this page as updates become available. The ASTI is demanding that the safety of students, teachers and everyone within the school community is... Read more
  • Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate 2021
    Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate 2021 Updated May 18th 2021 FAQs: (Q) Has the SEC published the payment arrangements for school appointed personnel for running the Leaving Certificate Examinations and SEC Accredited Grades?  (Q) Have the State Examination Commission published a Guide... Read more

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