POR - The Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework

The Quality Framework for Leadership and Management in Irish schools, set out in LOOKING AT OUR SCHOOL 2016 - a Quality Framework, provides a common understanding and language around the organisation and practice of leadership and management roles in Irish second-level schools. It identifies the key leadership and management areas in a school (domains), and these are then further divided into various content standards for each domain.

DOMAIN ONE: Leading Teaching and Learning 


  • promote a culture of improvement, collaboration, innovation and creativity in learning, teaching and assessment
  • foster a commitment to inclusion, equality of opportunity and the holistic development of each student
  • manage the planning and implementation of the school curriculum
  • foster teacher professional development that enriches teachers’ and students’ learning

DOMAIN TWO: Managing the organisation 


  • establish an orderly, secure and healthy learning environment, and maintain it through effective communication
  • manage the school’s human, physical and financial resources so as to create and maintain a learning organisation
  • manage challenging and complex situations in a manner that demonstrates equality, fairness and justice
  • develop and implement a system to promote professional responsibility and accountability

DOMAIN THREE: Leading school development 


  • communicate the guiding vision for the school and lead its realisation in the context of the school’s characteristic spirit
  • lead the school’s engagement in a continuous process of self-evaluation
  • build and maintain relationships with parents, with other schools, and with the wider community
  • manage, lead and mediate change to respond to the evolving needs of the school and to changes in education

DOMAIN FOUR: Developing leadership capacity 


  • critique their practice as leaders and develop their understanding of effective and sustainable leadership
  • empower staff to take on and carry out leadership roles
  • promote and facilitate the development of student voice, student participation, and student leadership
  • build professional networks with other schools