Results of ASTI/TUI survey


Friday 26 April 2024

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In a national survey, members in both the ASTI and the TUI have stated that they are in favour of unity in principle, and that amalgamation talks should continue.

The results of this survey are a clear indication of sentiment on the broad issue of unity and indicate a desire for one union with one coherent voice. The next stage of the process will require extensive discussions, and both unions will now comprehensively engage with each other to see if and how this can become a reality.

Both memberships, and staff working in each union, will be consulted with throughout this next phase. Any final proposals will be decided upon by ballot of memberships of both unions. It is impossible to predict when said proposals will be ready, but the leaderships of both unions are committed to working together in good faith, with the aim of conducting a ballot as soon as is appropriate.

Question 5 – In principle are you in favour of members of the ASTI and the TUI forming one single education union representing post primary, further, and higher education?

Option Total % TUI Responses ASTI Responses
Yes 8,298 83.4 4,291 (81.7%) 4,007 (85.4%)
No 1,647 16.6 961 686
TOTALS 9,945   5,252 4,693

Question 6 – Do you support continuing the work towards amalgamation in accordance with the agreed principles outlined above?

Option Total % TUI Response ASTI Responses
Yes 8,423 84.7 4,353 (82.9%) 4,070 (86.7%)
No 1,522 15.3 899 623
TOTALS 9,945   5,252 4,693
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