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Image for 'Equal Pay for Equal Work'
Equal Pay for Equal Work

The ASTI has been to the forefront of the campaign for equal pay for post-2010 entrants to teaching in Ireland. ASTI members took strike action in opposition to the injustice of unequal pay in 2016. The ASTI continues to liaise with the other teacher unions in relation to the issue of unequal pay.

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Image for 'Class Size'
Class Size

Class sizes in the Junior Cycle in 2020 in Irish second-level schools remain higher than EU or OECD averages.

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Image for 'Senior Cycle Review'
Senior Cycle Review

Teachers need to be at the heart of the consultation process rather than considered as another one of the education stakeholders.

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Image for 'Teacher Workload'
Teacher Workload

ASTI/RED C research shows that additional demands on second-level schools have led to an unsustainable work burden and increased levels of stress for teachers.

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Image for 'School Steward Training '

School Steward Training

  • Wednesday 5th October 2022
Image for 'Board of Management Training'

Board of Management Training

  • Wednesday 26th October 2022
Image for 'Retirement Seminar - Two evenings'

Retirement Seminar - Two evenings

  • Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th November 2022
Image for 'Health & Safety Training'

Health & Safety Training

  • Monday 21st November 2022