Substitute Placement Scheme

The ASTI has a substitute placement service which is available to all schools from September to June. Teachers who are available for substitute work are invited to register with the substitute placement scheme.

Substitute Placement Scheme Registration Form

You can register for the ASTI Substitute Placement Scheme online here or by post using the Substitute Placement Form. Forms will also be accepted by e-mail [email protected].

Please note you do not have to be an ASTI member to complete this application.


The register will contain:

  • Names of teachers
  • Current addresses
  • Geographical areas within which they are available for employment
  • Current employment status
  • Qualifications
  • Record of teaching experience


To be registered a teacher must fill in a registration form containing the relevant details and including a commitment to abide by the rules of the scheme.

The rules require the teacher to keep the register updated as to his/her current availability for employment.

Failure to do so will result in the teacher's name being removed from the register. The credibility of the scheme depends on substitute teachers co-operating with this aspect of the scheme. The rules also require a teacher who is available to take a post for which they are qualified unless it is outside their specified parameters.

Operation of Scheme

A specialised computer programme in ASTI Head Office keeps up-to-date records of teachers available.

There is a direct phone line. Tel: 01 6040170.

It is a responsibility of prospective employers to verify the qualifications, experience and suitability of candidates for employment. In circulating information furnished to the ASTI by its members the ASTI is not verifying the qualifications, experience or character of any teacher whose name is contained in this list.

Schools making enquiries will be advised of the names and other details of teachers who are on the register and available to undertake substitute work within their area.