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The ASTI produces a wide range of publications which bring up-to-date information to members on issues such as teachers’ pay and conditions, curriculum and assessment, professional development opportunities for teachers, and services and benefits for ASTI members. In addition the ASTI publishes information on teaching and second level education for parents, members of the public, politicians and other key groups.

ASTIR magazine
ASTIR provides news, features and comment on subjects of interest to teachers professionally and personally. It promotes ASTI strategy and policy and highlights the work and achievements of ASTI members.

Nuacht is a regular news bulletin for members with up-to-date information on current issues.

Research and reports
The ASTI regularly undertakes research into aspects of second-level education and teaching.


ASTI Diary
The ASTI produces a pocket-sized diary with key information and important dates for teachers. It is issued to every member each December.

Information leaflets
The ASTI has over 30 information leaflets on a range of issues such as job sharing, sick leave, career breaks, and retirement options for teachers. Information leaflets are updated regularly and are published on the ASTI Website in the relevant area.

Convention Handbook
Published once a year prior to Annual Convention, the ASTI Convention Handbook  contains comprehensive details of the activities and work of the ASTI for the previous year. It is available to all delegates attending Annual Convention.