Sport Leave

A guide to sport leave for second-level teachers in Ireland.

Leave for teachers who wish to take part in sporting activities must primarily be sanctioned by the relevant school authority. Formal application should then be made to the Department of Education. Sport leave is normally approved by the Department only in circumstances where the teacher is participating at international (or similar) level and an affiliation to the Irish Sports Council exists.

The following applies in connection with the release of teachers from school duties, in order to enable them to tour with GAA teams and similar conditions apply for other sports:

a. the tour must be one of those that has been specified by the Department of Education and the GAA Central Council, as an approved tour.
b. the teacher must have secured the prior approval of the Manager/Principal.
c. the teacher will be paid full salary and allowances for the period of the absence.
d. the teacher must arrange for the employment of an acceptable substitute at his/her own expense.