Supervision and Substitution

A guide to the S&S Scheme for second-level teachers in Ireland.

Supervision and Substitution Scheme

A Supervision and Substitution Scheme (S&S) operates in schools to allow for the supervision of students during breaks and before and after school and to allow for substitution to cover certain categories of teacher absences.

Operation of the Supervision and Substitution Scheme is set out in the ASTI Supervision and Substitution Information Leaflet 2014.

All teachers must participate in the S&S scheme (except for those who were eligible to, and chose to, opt out by February 28, 2014).

Teachers’ S&S commitment

  • Teachers are committed to provide a maximum of 43 hours supervision and substitution per year (pro-rata for job-sharing and part-time teachers).
  • S&S duties attract no additional payment
  • As well as timetabled supervision duties, teachers agree to be available to substitute for timetabled class periods per week. Teachers working more than 17 hours per week must be available for 5 periods; teachers working between 12 and 17 hours must available for 4 periods per week; teachers working up to 12 hours per week must be available for 3 class periods.
  • The maximum time that can be assigned to substitution and supervision per teacher each week is 3 hours. Of this time, 1.5 hours must be for substitution duties, the other 1.5 hours must be used for both substitution and supervision duties.
  • A teacher may agree to undertake S&S duties for more than 3 hours in a particular week on the request of the principal. Any additional time worked above the 3 hours will be reckoned towards the total annual commitment.
  • Where, in any given week, a teacher is not called upon for substitution, the unmet yearly commitment remains but is subject to a maximum delivery in any future week of 3 hours.

Use of S&S and S&S rota

The principal should consult with teachers in deciding on the timetable for S&S duties.  Supervision duties should first be timetabled over the course of the school year. Residual hours available after the timetabling of supervision will be available for substitution.

The S&S scheme can only be used to cover for certain categories of teacher absence, including uncertified sick leave and teachers’ absences due to other approved school activities (e.g. games, competitions and other extra-curricular activities). From 2014/2015 school year S&S can also be used to cover the first day of each absence due to force majeure leave and illness in family leave.  

For procedures on usage of hours and the drawing up of the S&S roster see the ASTI Supervision and Substitution Information Leaflet 2014 and Circular 0042-2014 Rostering of Supervision and Substitution.

Supporting documents

*Note: Previous to the Haddington Road Agreement (July 1, 2013) the S&S scheme was optional and attracted a payment.