Voluntary Search and Rescue

Special Leave for teachers who are members of Voluntary Search and Rescue Organisations and are called-out on a Search and Rescue Operation.

Special leave with pay may be granted to a teacher who is a member of a voluntary search and rescue organisation who is called out on a search rescue operation. This is subject to the approval of the employer and satisfactory documentary evidence of their call-out being provided as soon as possible after the rescue operation, but no later than one week after the teachers return to work.

No more than 5 days special leave with pay for this purpose will be allowed in any school year.

In order to avail of this leave, the teacher must be a member of one of the following voluntary search and rescue organisations:

  • Irish Coast Guard
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Community Inshore Rescue Service
  • Irish Water Safety
  • Mountain Rescue Ireland

Evidence of membership should be furnished to the School/ETB when requested.

Substitution costs will be paid by the Department for the full absence (subject to a maximum of 5 days leave per teacher in any one school year).

For full details on special leave for teachers who are members of Voluntary Search and Rescue Organisations, please refer to circular letter 0001/2019.