2021 retirement - Update


Tuesday 23 March 2021

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ASTI news

The Department of Education has recently circulated school principals asking them to ascertain the plans of teachers who may be retiring in 2021. This information is being requested to assist the Department of Education in staff planning and to manage their workflow to ensure that retiring teachers receive their pension benefits in a timely manner. A similar survey was issued by the Department in 2020.

ASTI members are advised that responding to this request is not mandatory, and it is a matter for individual members whether they wish to provide this information to their principal. However, it is the ASTI’s strong advice that any such information they provide to their principal should be conditional. Members should not provide formal notice at this early stage that they are retiring later this year. Members considering retirement in August or October 2021 should be looking to provide formal notice to their school and to the Department of Education/ETB in early May if they are retiring in August or October 2021.


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