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Thursday 23 November 2017

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On Saturday, June 10th, a ASTI Special Convention passed a motion to suspend industrial action on the Lansdowne Road Agreement and Junior Cycle reform.

As a result of the suspension of industrial action, ASTI members must co-operate with all aspects of the Framework for Junior Cycle.

Reduced teaching time

From September 2017, in all subject areas, full-time teachers involved in the delivery of Junior Cycle will be entitled to an annual allocation of 22 hours of professional time (40 minutes per week), with a pro-rata entitlement for part-time teachers.

See here for FAQs on Junior Cycle.

Framework for Junior Cycle
Joint Statement on Principles and Implementation and Appendix to the Joint Statement
Junior Cycle Reform - Statement of Assurances (29 November, 2016) (Page 9)

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