Forced redundancy of ASTI members will be met with strike ballot, says ASTI President


Monday 16 January 2017

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If the Government uses FEMPI legislation to make ASTI teachers redundant the union will immediately ballot its membership on industrial action, ASTI President Ed Byrne said today.

Mr Byrne said the threat to make ASTI teachers redundant, instead of having them redeployed, simply because the ASTI has not signed up to the Lansdowne Road Agreement, represents an abuse of power.

“The Department of Education and Skills is threatening to make ASTI members redundant in a situation where there is a perfectly functioning redeployment scheme and were there are jobs for teachers to be redeployed in to. FEMPI legislation allows the Government set aside normal industrial relations practices and instead to coerce the ASTI for exercising its democratic right to reject a collective agreement.”


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