Frequently Asked Questions on Job-Sharing

I am applying for job sharing next year. How will I be timetabled?

First of all, you should note that February 1 is the deadline to apply for job sharing or to extend job sharing. The overall guideline for timetabling of teachers who are job sharing is that, subject to the needs of students and the school, timetabling should be in accordance with the spirit of the scheme. The ASTI encourages schools to facilitate job sharers, while having due regard to the needs of other staff members, for example, clustering a job sharer’s classes together, rather than staggering them over the entire day, if that is the preference of the job sharer.

Do I have to attend Croke Park Hours meetings, and other meetings held outside my 11 hours' teaching?

A job-sharing teacher must fulfil the Croke Park Hours (33 hours) commitment on a pro rata basis, i.e., 16.5 hours per annum. In addition, a job-sharing teacher must be available for parent–teacher meetings and staff meetings, though in some cases these meetings may be offset against Croke Park Hours.

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