• Frequently Asked Questions from Non-Permanent Teachers
    I am about to complete my second year-long fixed-term contract with the same employer. I have been covering for a teacher who was initially on maternity leave and who is now on career break. I have now completed two full... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Pension and Retirement
    FAQs on the Pensions Scheme for Teachers in Secondary, Community and Comprehensive Schools 1. Who is eligible for pension benefits under this Scheme? The following people are eligible to join the Secondary, Community and Comprehensive School Teachers Pension Scheme– (a) A... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on CIDs
    I have had a number of fixed-term contracts – am I entitled to a CID That depends. To qualify for a CID you must meet all of the following criteria: 1. Be currently registered with the Teaching Council. 2. Be appropriately qualified... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Supervision, Insurance and Law
    Supervision of Pupils Supervision of pupils is by far the most difficult challenge facing schools and teachers and, it has to be said, is the single largest source of claims. The source of the liability of the Board of Management... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions Croke Park Hours
    My principal has scheduled a meeting to begin 15 minutes after the school closes and to continue for an hour after that. This means that I have to remain in school for one hour and 15 minutes after school closure time. The... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Career Break
    For family reasons, I am considering taking a career break for one year from this September. How do I go about this? First of all, you should note that the application should be made by 1st February for the following... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Job-Sharing
    I am applying for job sharing next year. How will I be timetabled? First of all, you should note that February 1 is the deadline to apply for job sharing or to extend job sharing. The overall guideline for timetabling of... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Sick Leave
    I have been absent for two self-certified sick days immediately prior to a school closure. I have had very little sick leave in the last four years and intend to return immediately after the period of school closure. Will the... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on the ASTI Sickness Benefit Scheme
    How do I apply to the Scheme? Sickness benefit claim forms are available on the ASTI website, from your school steward and from ASTI Head Office. You must fill out this form completely, giving details of your ASTI membership and... Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions on the Junior Cycle
    What professional time is available to me as a Junior Cycle teacher? There are a number of categories of professional time available to schools and teachers: Time for whole-school activities Time for whole-school professional activities to support the Junior Cycle... Read more