Hourly Rates for Post-primary Teachers who entered teaching on or after 1st January 2011

Hourly rates for post-primary teachers who entered teaching on or after 1st January 2011

Category (Post-Primary) New Ongoing Rate from 1st Oct 2021 Value of Statutory Annual Leave Accumulated per Hour Worked from 1st Oct 2021*
Hourly casual qualified €41.85 €5.71
Hourly unqualified €37.08 €5.06

*Cessation of “Rolled-up Holiday Pay”

With effect from the commencement of the 2015/2016 school year the practice of “rolled-up holiday pay” ceased.  Previously casual and non-casual teachers were paid a daily/hourly rate which included an element in respect of annual leave, Circular letter 0015/2015 introduced a separate payment in respect of holiday pay. This change was made to bring the method of remunerating casual and non-casual teachers in line with the European Union Working time Directive, following a decision of the European Commission.

The overall remuneration of casual and non-casual teachers will not change, however 12%  will be removed from the current hourly casual and non-casual rates. This represents the teachers’ statutory annual leave entitlement of 4 weeks per year. The teacher will accumulate statutory annual leave to the value of 12% of time worked. Teachers are required to take their statutory annual leave entitlement during the school closure periods, ie: Christmas, Easter, Summer.

Please refer to circular letter 0015/2015 for further details.

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