Retired Secondary Teachers' Association





The Retired Secondary Teachers’ Association was founded on 26th March 1962. The first meeting was held in the ASTI office on 36 St Stephen’s Green and the first president was George Lodge.

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The aim of the RSTA is to safeguard and promote the welfare of retired secondary teachers.  To that end it liaises with the ASTI and with organisations which represent retired state employees.  The Association maintains a lively interest in health, social welfare and taxation issues as they affect its members.  The RSTA is affiliated to the Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament and the Federation of Pensioners’ Associations.



The RSTA holds an annual general meeting each Spring.  Members of the different branches meet on a regular basis to exchange views and take part in social events.  The RSTA has a national executive committee and each branch has its own committee. 


Membership Subscription

Each members receives an ASTI diary and a copy of ASTIR through the post courtesy of the ASTI. Members also receive a copy of the RSTA Newsletter three times a year.


Emeritus Membership

Members are encouraged to become Emeritus members of their local branch of the ASTI.  They can thus remind the active members of the concerns of the retired. 


More Information

For more information on the RSTA contact:

  • Secretary:
    Susie Hall, "Ravensdale", Dublin Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin
  • Treasurer/ Membership Secretary:
    Muriel McNicholas, Cordarragh, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo