Employee Assistance Service - Helpline for Teachers

Advice and counselling for teachers in Ireland.

Employee Assistance Service - Helpline for Teachers

On 25 July 2006, the Minister for Education and Science commissioned the setting up of an Employee Assistance Service for Irish teachers. The scheme is run by Spectrum Life (formerly by Inspire Wellbeing and Carecall), which provides a 24 hour 7 day helpline for teachers. 

Teachers paid by the Department of Education have access to a free, confidential service which provides telephone and direct one-to-one counselling on a nationwide basis. The service can also be used by teachers’ spouses, civil partners, or dependent, where the family member can be described as a person over the age of 18 and residing at the family home.

The telephone number is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 1800 411 057. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp or SMS ‘Hi’ to 087-369 0010.

The ASTI, along with TUI and INTO, had been seeking such a service for many years. Under Health & Safety legislation, employers have a duty of care for their employers and this service, which will be funded by the Department, addresses part of that duty. The ASTI will be involved in monitoring the service in order to ensure that teachers are provided with the best possible supports in their professional life.