ASTI President sends message to exam students


Tuesday 4 June 2019

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In a message to approximately 124,000 students beginning their Leaving and Junior Cert written exams on Wednesday, June 5, ASTI President Breda Lynch urged students to maintain perspective over the coming weeks:

“While exams are important they are only one aspect of your education. You have already achieved so much during your time as a second-level student. Most importantly, your experiences and efforts have helped you to develop as an individual and as a member of society. Your goal now should be to look after yourself over the coming weeks ensuring all the hard work pays off. Eat well, get plenty of rest, take exercise, build in relaxation time, organise yourself so that you have everything you need for each exam. Be familiar with your timetable for each day and allow plenty of time to get to the exam.

“I would advise that after each exam, you look ahead to the next one. Avoid post-mortems and the inevitable social media hype.”

The ASTI President said that Ireland has a fair, objective and trusted State exams system which is valued by teachers, parents and students.

“An independently-assessed State Exams system means that teachers can cheer their students all the way to the finishing line, rather than having to judge and grade their performance. Students and parents can rest assured that each exam will be marked objectively and that their efforts will be evaluated in a fair and transparent way. This highly valued exams process helps to ensure that Ireland’s education system remains a cornerstone of our society and our economy.”

Finally Ms Lynch thanked all of those involved in this year’s Leaving and Junior Cert exams including students, their parents and teachers, the exam superintendents, the examiners who will mark the papers and the staff in the State Exams Commission.


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