Press release: Second-level teachers to focus on overcrowded classrooms, importance of sound curriculum reform, and need for investment in education at Easter conference


Thursday 1 April 2021

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Approximately 450 second-level teachers from all over the country will attend the online ASTI Annual Convention on April 6th and 7th 2021.

Key debates at the online Convention 2021 will capture teachers’ concerns that larger than average class sizes in Ireland are affecting students’ education. This debate includes motions proposing the adoption of a class size limit for both general and practical subjects.

ASTI members will debate how to improve education policy and the need to ensure the voice of teachers’ is heard. Discussions at Convention 2021 will also focus on curricular reform, as well as the terms and conditions of teachers’ employment.

The treatment of recently qualified teachers will also be debated, including the high cost of the Professional Masters in Education and its impact on diversity within the teaching profession. This debate includes motions proposing negotiation with the Department of Education on payment for student teachers carrying out teaching work. An additional motion will propose minimum working hours for part-time and newly qualified teachers.

Investment in education will feature over the two days of the ASTI Annual Convention. This will include motions calling for improved resourcing of Special Needs Education.


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