Sligo teacher receives ASTI Bursary


Friday 26 May 2023

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Sligo teacher receives ASTI Bursary

Sligo teacher Florian White will receive an ASTI Bursary at a reception in Dublin tonight (Friday, May 26th).

Florian, a maths teacher at Sligo Grammar School, is undertaking an MA in Contemporary Innovations in Education at St Angela’s College. The aim of the course to enhance professional knowledge and understanding of the latest advances and innovations in education.

Florian is driven by recent changes to the Irish educational landscape and his own desire to be adaptable, innovative, reflective and consistently analytical as a teacher. He is particularly interested in the impact of curricular change on education, increased focus on innovation in assessment, the use of contemporary pedagogies, the significance of teacher and learner wellbeing, and the application of new technologies.

The ASTI Bursary Award scheme assists ASTI members in undertaking further studies relating to teaching, education or trade unionism.


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