Frequently Asked Questions on the ASTI Sickness Benefit Scheme

How do I apply to the Scheme?

Sickness benefit claim forms are available on the ASTI website, from your school steward and from ASTI Head Office. You must fill out this form completely, giving details of your ASTI membership and the nature of your: (a) illness, or (b) optical, dental or otological treatment prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, and the expenses incurred. If you have any queries as to how to fill out the form or whether you are eligible for this benefit, please contact Danielle Gillard on 01-604 0164. You must also include receipts and certified statements of expenses incurred with your form. Only one type of treatment can be included on each form. For example, if you wish to make a claim in relation to an illness and also in relation to dental treatment, you will need to fill out two forms. Your claim must then be sent to ASTI Head Office, where it will be considered by the Sickness Benefit Committee, which meets five times a year to consider such claims.

How long must I have been ill for in order to claim from the Scheme?

In order to receive a payment from the Sickness Benefit Scheme, your illness must have caused you to be absent from school for seven consecutive days or more. You may include Saturday and Sunday when calculating the number of days you were absent. If the illness occurs during official school holidays, benefit will be paid as long as the receipts show that the illness lasted for seven or more days.

How often can I claim from the Scheme in respect of an illness

You will only receive benefit once for the same type of illness within a period of three years. You must also have been a member of the ASTI continuously for the 24 months prior to your claim. You must make your claim within six months of the end of your illness or treatment.

What is the maximum amount I can claim from the Scheme in respect of an illness?

The maximum benefit amount you can receive from the Scheme in respect of an illness is equal to the annual full ASTI membership fee plus €50 in any calendar year, which at the moment equates to €387.

Are there any illnesses which are not covered by the Scheme?

The Scheme does not cover accidents or illnesses resulting from accidents. It also does not cover maternity or pregnancy, or illnesses arising from maternity or pregnancy.

 How much can I claim for optical or dental treatment or for hearing aids?

You may claim a maximum of €165 for optical treatment, dental treatment or hearing aids in a five-year period. For example, if you claimed €165 for optical benefit in 2015, you will be unable to benefit from the optical, dental and hearing aid fund until 2020. However, claims can be broken up over the five-year period; for example, it would be possible to claim €50 in 2015 and €50 in 2016. In order to receive the full €165 benefit, your expenses must total €180 or more. No claim for less than €15 will be considered by the Committee.

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