Bereavement Leave

Guide to Bereavement Leave for second-level teachers in Ireland.

A school authority, may out of funds provided by the Department, pay the cost of a substitute teacher who is engaged to replace a member of its teaching staff whose absence is approved by the school authority arising out of the following:

(a) Force Majeure Leave within the terms of Circular 17/99

(b) Illness of a family member who is certified by a medical practitioner as requiring constant care and attention for the period of recuperation from the illness

(c) Bereavement involving a family member

It should be noted that in accordance with circular letter 19/00 (b) & (c) above are subject to the following limits:

  • 5 days leave in the case of a spouse, child or parent.
  • 3 days leave in the case of a brother, sister, grand-parent, aunt, uncle or parent-in-law.

Please note that in the case of bereavement leave the leave must be taken immediately following the date of the bereavement. Substitute cover is provided by the Department in such cases.