Job Sharing Scheme

A guide to the job sharing scheme for second-level teachers in Ireland.

Job Sharing Scheme

The purpose of the job sharing scheme is to assist teachers in combining work with personal responsibilities or choices. 

Job sharing is the sharing of a wholetime post on a 50:50 basis or a reduction of hours to 50% of a wholetime teacher ie: 11 hours per week teaching.

The minimum period for which a job sharing arrangement may occur is one school year.

A teacher seeking to job share must submit the required application form JS1 to the employer not later than the 1st February prior to the school year in which he/she proposes to commence/continue job sharing.

The required form, JS1, is attached to Circular Letter 0054/2019 - Job Sharing Scheme - Chapter 8 - Appendix A.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions on Job-Sharing
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