Mould in Schools

Advice for second-level teachers in Ireland.

In June 2006, the Department of Education issued a Health & Safety circular on the management of mould in school buildings.

Moulds are fungi which appear as black, blue or green staining. They can cause allergic reaction, asthma and respiratory problems. The circular provides schools with advice on prevention and management of mould.

Mould should be tackled early and appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (P.P.E.) should be worn in doing this. Advice can be received from the Office of Public Works if large amounts of mould exist. If specialist cleaners are required, the Department will cover the costs involved.  Having cleaned away the mould, the school should identify the cause of the dampness which caused the problem. The Department circular states that where mould exists in a school, the Safety Statements’ Risk Assessment should be appropriately amended.


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