Department Circulars

Circular 0064/2022 Revision of Teacher Salaries under Building Momentum - A New Public Service Agreement 2021-2022 (“The Agreement”)

13 October 2022

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The circular will set out the increases due under Building Momentum - A New Public Service Agreement 2021-2022 from 2nd February 2022 as an amendment to the BM Agreement as reviewed and the increases due on 1st October 2022 as provided for under the BM Agreement.

Information Note TC 0010/2022 - Temporary changes to the Career Break Scheme for Registered Teachers employed in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools - 2022/23 School Year

6 October 2022

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In response to issues raised in relation to teacher supply, certain restrictions imposed in the Career Break Scheme have been suspended for the past number of school years.

Circular 0063/2022 Joint Data Controller Arrangement between Payroll Division, Department of Education and The Managerial Authorities of Recognised Primary, Secondary, Community and Comprehensive Schools and the Chief Executives of Education and Training B

5 October 2022

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The purpose of this Circular is to confirm the relationship between the Payroll Division of the Department of Education and the managerial authorities of recognised Primary, Secondary, Community and Comprehensive Schools and the Chief Executives of Education and Training Boards (in respect of community national schools only) with regard to processing of personal data of school employees for Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll purposes for the purposes of Section 79 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and Article 26 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

Leaving Certificate Applied 2022-2023

8 September 2022

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Leaving Certificate Applied - 2022-2023

Circular 0059/2022 - Payment of PME/HDip Allowance

6 September 2022

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Circular 0059/2022 - Payment of PME/HDip Allowance

Circular 0055/2022 Exemptions from the study of Irish – post primary

1 September 2022

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Circular 0055/2022

This Circular results from the initial review of the implementation of Circular 0053/2019 which is hereby withdrawn. Existing exemptions from the study of Irish granted under previous circulars and held by students will continue to apply until the end of their post-primary education

Circular 0056/2022 School Self-evaluation: Next Steps September 2022 – June 2026

1 September 2022

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This Circular sets out the requirements in respect of the next cycle of SSE which begins in September 2022. It follows on from, and supersedes Primary Circulars 0039/2016, 0016/2018, 0040/2020, 0032/2021 and 0029/2022 and Post-primary Circulars 0040/2016, 0041/2020, 0033/2021 and 0030/2022.

Circular 0058/2022 Arrangements for Inspectorate engagement with post-primary schools: September to December 2022

1 September 2022

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This circular: Provides information about the Inspectorate’s planned advisory, evaluation and research work in post-primary schools from September to December 2022; provides information on the Inspectorate’s work on supporting and monitoring the implementation of anti-bullying procedures in schools; clarifies the arrangements for school self-evaluation (SSE) for the 2022/23 school year; supersedes Circular 0030/2022.

Circular 0050/2022 Parents Leave Scheme for registered teachers employed in recognised Primary and Post Primary schools.

17 August 2022

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This circular succeeds 0030/2021

Parent’s Leave is a period of statutory unpaid leave available to the relevant parent to enable them to provide, or assist in the provision of, care to the child.

0041/2014 Job sharing scheme for special needs assistants in recognised primary and post-primary schools

8 June 2022

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The Minister for Education and Skills directs you to implement the regulations and
procedures regarding job-sharing arrangements for special needs assistants whose posts
are funded by monies provided by the Oireachtas.